Basketball Plays - "90" Series

By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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The "90" play series feature O4 and O5 moving up top. Since 4 + 5 = 9, we call it the 90 series. 91, 91 Slip, 92, 93, 94, 95, 94-Iso, and 90-R.


"91" starts like a "Horns" play. We run this play against both man-to-man and zone defenses, and can run it either right or left, depending on which post player receives the first pass from O1. O4 and O5 move up to the top (diagram 91). O1 passes to either O4 or O5. The opposite post (in this case O4), back-screens for O1. O1 flares to the wing. Meanwhile the wing (O2 in this case) cuts inside. The pass from O5 goes over the top to O1 on the wing (diagram B). O5 and O4 now set a staggered double-screen for O2. O2 cuts around the screens to the top (diagram C).

90 series - 91 90 series - 91 90 series - 91

Optionally, instead of O2 cutting up off the double-screens, you can have O2 back-screen for the passer (O5), who cuts to the ball-side block for the pass from O1, and the lay-up (diagram D). The options are:

  • O1 dribble-drives to the hoop (diagram C).
  • O1 shoots the outside jumper.
  • O1 passes out to O2 who shoots the 3-pointer.
  • O1 passes to the cutter O5 (diagram D).

90 series - 91 Slip 90 series - 91 Slip

"91 Slip"

After running "91" successfully a few times with the skip pass over to O1, the defense may switch the O4-on-O1 screen, so that O1 is no longer open for the skip pass. Now we run the "slip" option. Start the play the same as in the first diagram in "91". After screening for O1, O4 seals the defender, slips the screen, and cuts through the lane for the pass from O5. O2 has to read this and clear back out to the corner to keep his/her defender outside.


O2 starts in the right corner. O1 dribbles left for a better passing angle. O5 and O4 set a staggered double-screen for O2. O2 cuts around the screens for the possible pass and shot. If O2 does not get the ball, he/she moves out to the left corner and receives a back-screen from O3 (diagram C).

Basketball play 90 series - 92 Basketball play 90 series - 92 Basketball play 90 series - 92

After O2 cuts over the double-screen, O5 turns and screens for O4, and O4 cuts to the right corner (diagram B). After screening for O4, O5 posts-up just above the right block. O1 could skip pass to O4, and O4 then passes into O5. If none of these options is open, lastly O1 could pass to O2 coming off O3's back-screen for a possible 3-point shot (diagram C).

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